Yoga Day 2020

Authentic Yoga for All!

Authentic Yoga for All is a first effort bringing together expert teachers from India, UK, Mexico and Russia to celebrate the International Yoga Day, 2020. It is an online all-day event on Sunday, June 21st from 8 AM - 5 PM CST. We will share the practical and easy application of yoga in daily life in English and Spanish. We believe that yoga is a holistic way of life that should be accessible to everyone for its ability to unite the mind, body, spirit, and emotions without external aids. Only 1% of Yoga is about the physical postures, come and experience what the other 99% is about.

Can’t make it? No worries, we will be recording and posting the live events.

Speakers for International Day of Yoga 2020


Our Speakers

Dr. Durriya Shipchandler

Topic: Yes you can - Eat for health. 8 AM CST (6:30 PM IST, 2 PM BST)

Dr. Durriya Shipchandler is a Homoeopathic doctor by qualification. She found her inner calling in the holistic reversal of diabetes and other lifestyle disorders through Residential Retreats at their eco farm near Pune, India. Her endeavour is towards propagating a medicine free life for all.She is the lead facilitator of the “Freedom From Diabetes” Residential program.

Yoga according to me: A way of life in sync with the laws of nature.

Session recording:

Dr. Kedar Upadhyay

Topic: Know thyself through Ayurveda. 9 AM CST (7:30 PM IST, 3 PM BST)

Dr. Kedar is an Ayurvedic doctor and a music therapist. Practicing since 2007, he specializes in chronic diseases at four of his clinics in Gujarat, India. The amalgamation of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern scientific approach is his point of interest. For more info, kindly visit

Yoga according to me: યોગ એ મારા માટે મારી જાત સાથે રહેવાની પ્રક્રિયા છે (Yoga for me, is a process to BE with myself).

Session recording:

Anup Desai

Topic: Journey to Freedom. 10 AM CST (8:30 PM IST, 4 PM BST)

Anup is an entrepreneur from Surat, India. As someone who has suffered from a variety of physical and mental problems since a young age, yoga has been a saving grace for completely transforming his life. From taking 10 pills a day to 0, his story will inspire anyone to follow a holistic lifestyle.

Yoga according to me: Yoga is magic, yoga is cure, yoga is life.

Session recording:

Zeal Desai

Topic: Pajama Yoga - The real deal. 11 AM CST (9:30 PM IST, 5 PM BST)

Zeal is an international holistic yoga consultant. Certified by the Yoga institute, she is currently pursuing the Himalayan Teacher Transformation Program. A Duke University and UT Austin graduate, she is a student of life who gave up the corporate life for learning, teaching and holistic living.

Yoga according to me: યોગ - શ્રેષ્ઠ જીવન નો માર્ગ (Yoga is an ideal way of life).

Session recording:

Rupert Eyles

Topic: De-fidget the body, and provide space to house uncomfortable energies through meditation. 2 PM CST (12:30 AM IST, 8 PM BST)

Rupes is a gentle, global soul on a many-lives’ journey to meet the world and reflect on how we can bloom brighter as a community. He focuses on cultivating greater self-compassion and inner openness, teaching yoga and meditation while also turning to writing and authentic relating to express and share feelings and ideas.

Yoga according to me: Yoga is the practice of reuniting awareness with self, of deeping your journey inward through mindful shapes and movements brought together by the breath.

Session recording:

Ekaterina Morozova

Topic: Yoga - una manera de vivir. 3 PM CST (1:30 AM IST, 9 PM BST)

Estudió literatura universal con especialidad en literatura rusa y lengua árabe. Empezó su formación en el yoga a los 21 años y hasta la fecha sigue con su trabajo de autoexploración. Actualmente junto con su esposo tienen un centro que integra el arte y la espiritualidad con fines terapéuticos.

Yoga according to me: Йога - это сама жизнь. Yoga is life itself

Session recording:

Víctor Ernesto Zi Chin

Topic: Yoga - una manera de vivir. 3 PM CST (1:30 AM IST, 9 PM BST)

Estudió música, medicina china y psicología. Se dedica a promover la salud desde el punto de vista integral. Actualmente junto con su esposa tienen un centro que integra el arte y la espiritualidad con fines terapéuticos.

Yoga according to me: Yoga está en todas partes. Yoga is everywhere.

Session recording:

Aydee Bobadilla (Lakshmi Seva Kaur)

Topic: Fortalece y Expande tu Aura. 4 PM CST (2:30 AM IST, 10 PM BST)

Fundadora de Casa Lakshmi Cancún y Maestra de Yoga Kundalini con certificación internacional por Kundalini Research Institute (KRI). Especialidad en comunicación consciente y relaciones auténticas. ThetaHealing y Reiki.

Yoga according to me: Yoga Kundalini es el Yoga de la Consciencia que te enseña a conocer tu verdadera identidad para unir tu cuerpo, mente y alma (Kundalini yoga is the yoga of consciousness. It teaches you to know your true identity to communicate and unite the body, mind and soul).

Session recording: