iHello. Hola! नमस्ते. કેમ છો? Zeal means enthusiasm, and yes, this is the real name that my mother looked up in the dictionary and ensured that it complied with my Indian astrological birth sign. A Duke University and UT Austin graduate, I am a zealous and inquisitive student of life who gave up an international corporate job for travel, yoga, nutrition, and sustainable living with the love of my life (hubby). I have lived in three continents, speak four languages, and want to help by sharing the little yet incredible knowledge and experiences that life has generously gifted me.

In this website, I will share my diverse experiences to convey the benefits of a holistic lifestyle in a unique way. From the Indian ashrams to the Colombian shamans, the ancient fire temple of Azerbaijan to the real meaning of yoga (yes, the Azerbaijani fire temple and yoga are connected), I will endeavor to present the interconnectedness of all that makes up this universe. I welcome you to join me as we learn about what truly matters to live life to its full potential.

I started with yoga when I was 10 years old and recently got certified in India as a yoga teacher at the world’s oldest, The Yoga Institute. My quest for exploration over the years has connected me with a myriad of programs and teachers. As a sadhaka (seeker of ‘truth’), I am currently pursuing the Himalayan Tradition Teacher Transformation Program that traces its lineage to Adi Shankaracharya.

As a budding holistic yoga consultant, I want to spread this age-old experiential science and bespoken way of life on an individual basis. I will be offering unique and personalized online sessions incorporating kriyas (purification techniques), asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and nutrition into our lifestyle. There is no replacement for the body or mind. Now is the time, so let’s connect! I invite you to comment, subscribe, share and join me as we learn about what truly matters to live life to its full potential. Please share feedback that will help me improve. Thank you!